Veeran Muthu strives to represent his client on a variety of legal issues. Veeran believes that each client deserves a full and undivided attention. He has a genuine compassion towards his client. His work enables him to make a positive impact on anyone who are going through stressful and complicated issues.

Veeran Muthu

Veeran resolves his cases amicably and rapidly. His calm and analytical approach is greatly valued by his clients. He believes in a strategic and practical move in resolving his clients’ cases. He clearly and succinctly breaks down legal issues and provides practical legal advice to his clients.

Tan Ti Nee serves as the voice for her clients and has navigated her clients through complex legal issues. She is passionate in delivering tailor-made, unique, affordable and effective legal advice to each of her client.

Tan Ti Nee

Ti Nee is known for her empathic communication skills which concerns the emotional state of her clients. Her own experience in losing her father has placed her in an understanding position to handle cases with sensitivity and compassion.

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